August 21, 2009

iPhone - AT&T and O2 : Exclusive Deal


Today I was reading about the updates made by apple for the start of Annual Music Event 2009 on September 9th. There are lots of speculations regarding this conference like

Steve Jobs will be coming back on stage hosting the event. (With or without bang, No one knows!!!)

· New line of iPod is going to get released.

· Few updates for in iPhone and iPod.

· Latest version of iTunes which will be a bundled software including the support for blue-ray.

· iTablet – Innovation by Apple – But it was later chucked out by them saying that the product is not yet ready. Still there are pictures which are leaked in the website by engadget and other websites.

But all these things may not come on the surface till the final day comes. I will give you updates as soon as I get to know something about it.

But now days, I was reading about few news in which lot of analysts believe that iPhone is behind the loss of many telecom service providers. Profit and loss are the part of business but I was shocked to hear that it was the fast paced innovation of Apple responsible for the loss of company like AT&T. This is not fair!!!

Few companies want to innovate, want to give people something which is very new and innovative without giving any problems with higher amount of customer satisfaction of around 85/100 is not accepted. It was the mistake of the TSP who lagged behind in adopting the technology. They should focus on their infrastructure rather than blaming apple for their exclusive deal. Same thing is happening in Europe also for 02 UK.

Now after posing loss, they fear of losing the exclusive iPhone deal. AT&T might lose iPhone to Verizon and O2 UK might lose it to Vodafone. Now these companies are trying hard to retain their position by taking all the possible measures.

But if the time is bad, there will be still lot more problems coming in the way like FCC of US have decided to investigate on the exclusive deal between apple and at&t. Wising that it will be good for the end customers at least.

The only question which is making me think more and more is that

Why iPhone is so dear to TSP???

Is it the phone which will decide the fate of TSP or it’s the service provider who has the real customers.

What will be your main priority? Mobile handset or Service Provider.

Can TSP play the important role for the customer or it’s the handset which is the wow factor.

All these questions will remain in dilemma till other players (Telecom Service Providers) pitch in and get access to the real treasure called – “iPhone”.

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