August 18, 2009

Mobile Advertising Industry

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The advertising industry is gearing up. I thought to get data on how much exactly is the amount of money which the industry is spending on the advertising.

According to the recent reports I got the following data for advertising on mobile.

The advertising pool is small. Magna, a unit of the Interpublic Group, reported in May that it expected advertisers to spend $229 million this year on mobile media, including mobile Web sites and applications. Though that is up 36 percent from 2008, it is revised down from Magna’s forecast in the summer of 2008 of a growth rate of 43 percent. And $229 million is a tiny slice of the advertising pie. - Data is for US only.

“It is experimental — no one’s moving their TV budget to mobile — but it is a part of every conversation we have with business advertisers,” Mr. Howard-Sarin said. “We have a lot of oars in the mobile water because we think there’s money there.”

But the research says that it is supposed to increase to around 1 Billion in US by 2012. All these all are predictions but the pace at which people are thinking to move their content on mobile and usage of mobile broadband of customers, forces the marketing team to change their strategy.

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