July 18, 2009

Green, Green, Come again!! - Super computers are saying

Green Revolution. Its my favourite term. I love the color green. Its so soothing to eyes and its delightful to see mother earth so green with the shade of blue by waters. But this has changed. Its because of the population, deforestation and many other factors. The source of this pollution is infinite but so are the solutions.

People tend to know the source of the problem but they fail to implement the solution. They have a scenario in hand but they will keep on discussing it for hours and hours till they find it almost impossible to implement. So the thing remains as it is.

But now the trend is changing. People are actually thinking about making the planet green by reducing the carbon foot prints. Companies are creating lot of awareness among themselves and it the industry to create a kind of green revolution.

Today I will focus on such industry - Computer Manufacturers.
Computers today are prime mode of communication with other people around the world. It also helps many large corporate to run their business all the time. Now as the time changes, the need of people also increases. They want more and more computing speed at any cost. But it depends on the manufacturers to help them with giving what they want and at what cost for the planet earth.

One of the example which stunned me today was the data which I got from the Internet about the master of computer manufacturing industry - IBM.
IBM has always been the leader in this industry but they shamed their competitors by creating supercomputer.

Now one will be thinking one or two supercomputer anyone can make. But what makes it so special is its totally based on the concept of Green technology. It is specially designed to save power. POWER?? In what sense?

For decades now, the notion of "performance" has been synonymous with "speed" (as measured in FLOPS, short for floating-point operations per second). This particular focus has led to the emergence of supercomputers that consume egregious amounts of electrical power and produce so much heat that extravagant cooling facilities must be constructed to ensure proper operation. In addition, the emphasis on speed as the performance metric has caused other performance metrics to be largely ignored, e.g., reliability, availability, and usability. As a consequence, all of the above has led to an extraordinary increase in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a supercomputer.

It makes much more difficult for the high-end computing community to focus on performance metrics other than speed. Therefore, to raise awareness to other performance metrics of interest, e.g., performance per watt and energy efficiency for improved reliability was taken over by IBM.

IBM created the history by creating 18 supercomputers which were in the top 20 list of GREEN500 list. IBM has shamed its competitors, ranking by far the most environmentally friendly supercomputer maker. Eighteen of the top 20 systems on the Green500 list were made by IBM.

This indeed tells the whole story. IBM is a leader in making the super green, super fast computers and will contribute in Green revolution in the near future. I am sure that other industry will also follow this computer manufacturing giant to make the earth more green.

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