July 18, 2009

Industry / Sectors - Not Affected by Recession

Recession is one of the most common word which is famous with today's people. Every single person has only one tension in their life. How to fight against the recession?

People think about the measures which has to be taken in order to fight against the growing terror named terrorism. They have to take some steps. But how?? Will it continue for all the time or there will be something, some kind of miracle which will save them from this current conflict of minds?

Also there is one more dilemma which people are facing. Most of the people are scared to change the job thinking that they will not get any kind of benefits from the change. Also they are skeptical that the change of job will be useful to them or not. It may not turn out to be a nightmare if they change from the existing job to a new job and that particular industry faces far more serious issues. So what should be done? I will try to help you finding some answers to your intriguing questions. Hopefully it will help you to find some answers.

The following are the top 6 sectors which I think are least affected by recession:
  1. Health Care: I would say that health care is one of the key sectors that have largely remained unaffected because it is a necessity. People will go to the doctor when they are ill. But currently they are facing some serious issues in finding some answers. The US health care is facing lot of issues today. But the solution lie in changing the functional methodology of the whole system. But still there is lot of scope for improvement in the health care sector of any company and I believe that it will come out to be a successful industry in the future.
  2. Pharmaceutical: There is a truthful saying "Health Is Wealth". Humans are getting lesser immune now a days. They are getting sick again and again. So due to this, they will go to doctor as they already have insurance. Wouldn't people still go to various doctor's or other pharmacies to get their prescriptions and medicine they're in need of? If your answer is "YES" for this, then I need not to explain anything furthermore. Pharmaceutical industry is growing at a fast pace with lot of drugs still to come. So I firmly believe that they have a shiny future and will survive this recession tide.
  3. Education: After the storm of recession, most of the people lost their job. They had their savings but what was the use. They needed to do something. The only option left for them was to go for higher studies. People prefer spending more on education to counter job
    crunch in times of economic meltdown. This results in extra spending which will act like returns for them. Every year lot of students pay a hefty price to get better education. Management and Science are at the centre of the core. So even if the recession is at peak, people will prefer to get higher education and spend money there. So the monetary flow in this industry will keep on going in this tough times.
  4. Power Sector:It's a basic infrastructure requirement and there is
    still a long way to go in achieving self sufficiency in this sector. Power sector has been changing its trends in recent times. They have faced lot of issues and also growing demands. There is also the change in source of power generation. So there will always be demand for more energy, hence there will be demand for jobs in this sector. But they have to play a safe game.
  5. Telecommunication: Telecom sector has also shown a recession proof
    character as a mobile phone today has evolved into more of a necessity
    , just like food, shelter, clothing, health care, etc. People are spending more and more on mobile and its utilities. They are using various services and people are also ready to give more money for getting better next-gen network for their usage. Today telecom industry is investing more and more on infrastructure. Government initiatives are also backing up the process. They are helping the users to regulate the scenario. There is wide scope for employment and profit from this sector. In fact, this sector is supposed to be a saviour in the times of recession and will help the industry to revive from this current position.
  6. FMCG: Daily utility items and will move at the counter irrespective. People don't care about the increasing food price or goods. People will prefer to cut their cost in spending more on electronics goods and other electronic entertainment items but the daily items will be on the top of their list. This things boils down to a simple rule. The industry of FMCG will continue to excel. But the pace may be slow comparatively. The reduction in exports may be a factor for slow growth but it will not be affected much by the attack of recession.

I guess my insight on the current industry scenario was helpful to you all. If you want any kind of help, then do mail me.

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