July 18, 2009

Mobile Market in India - Latest March 2009

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Today I am going to give some data about the current mobile market subscriber base in the Indian Market. I have read from the few sources like financial express and economic times and came up with the following data. It may be helpful to many people who are dealing with the mobile industry.

Telecommunication Scenario in India:

As everyone knows, if they are not knowing, i will tell you one fact. There is a regulation in Indian market that any company cannot come to India unless they have a tie up with the Indian company.
So many of the foreign companies are coming to India by tying up with the existing mobile companies in India. Latest news is about Japanese company DoCoMo tying up with TATA communications and launching the service named TATA DOCOMO. It is supposed to be a hit which is estimated by many market researchers.

Also there are few ways where they can expand their business with their new technology and other features. Let's see what happens in the near future.
Below are the current features in the mobile market of India.

Overall ARPU GSM services in India:

March Quarter: INR 205 (down 6.82 %)

December Quarter: INR 220

Postpaid ARPU : ARPU for postpaid service fell 2.8 percent to INR 543
from INR 559,

Prepaid ARPU: Declined 6 percent to INR 181 from INR 192.

For CDMA services:
The blended ARPU per month went down to INR 99 from INR 111.

The postpaid ARPU for CDMA services was five times that of prepaid
ARPU, which Trai attributed to the declining importance of processing
fees on recharge vouchers purchased by prepaid subscribers.

Mobile Internet access: 117.82 million over their phones in March

Subscriber Base:

­India's total subscriber base of wireline and wireless services
reaches 429.72 million for quarter ending March 2009 as against 384.79
million for quarter ending December 2008, thus registering an increase
of 11.68% during the quarter

Total Mobile subscriber base - Wireless Subscriber Base: The
subscriber base for wireless services has increased from 346.89
million for quarter ending December 2008 to 391.76 million for quarter
ending March 2009 increased by 44.7 million in the quarter.

GSM subscribe Base:
The GSM-based subscriber base now stands at 315.7 million, an increase
of 2.9 percent over the 306.8 million in the previous month.

Airtel: Bharti Airtel retained its top position with 2.8 million new
subscribers added in June, making it the first operator to cross the
100-million subscriber base mark

Rural Wireless Subscriber Base:
Increased from 93.15 million for quarter ending December 2008 to
109.71 million for quarter ending March 2009, registering a growth of

Total Revenue: Total revenues for the telecom services sector in the
three months to March reached INR 404.45 billion, up 2.63 percent from
the previous quarter.

I hope that the above statistics were helpful to you. Keep reading my blog for further information.


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