July 11, 2009

Web 2.0 Basics

WEB 2.0 !!!!!!

The term which was a millionth word to enter the english dictionary. But I wonder what makes it more important. Is it the usability of the word or the internet usage or it is the main tool to gain the access of the wisdom of crowds. I say that it is the other one. But who cares actually. At least not the people who are actually using these kind of technology.

According to the gartner research, more than 63% of people who are using web 2.0 technologies or websites actually does not know the theme behind it. In fact it says that they are not at all aware of the term web 2.0. They are just using as it gives them benefits!!! Keep them in touch with their friends and relatives. Help them to find new friends. So the bottom line of this is that the people does not care about the technology, but they care about the usability.

So you can boil down this technology in this sense. For people, its the usability and for the developers its the mere term which will connect the people and give them power to use the technology.

Now comes the real part. What is this WEB 2.0 ?? Am I a part of it? What benefits I am getting from using it??

All these questions lead to only one solution. Web 2.0 is now integral part of internet. Any user who is using internet will be using this by some means.

If you are using any news websites like BBC, CNN, etc have you ever noticed the change? The page contains gadgets for every news. The gadgets can be moved and can be added or deleted. All this is not static html. But its dynamic enough to identify your needs and you can adjust it accordingly.

Isn't it a kind of new thing. I used to imagine in the past that what will be the next thing of website design? I got the answer. We have flash, ajax, python, rails, etc. All things comprise the technology part of the web design. I would also like to include the architecture of the next generation web2.0 technologies.

The web 2.0 is basically a concep which was developed by people which will create a new kind of dynamics of website. It uses following things:

  • Wisdom of crowds

  • Customer Usability

  • Interactive features

  • Information from various sources

  • Expert opinion

  • More information in one page

All this things will be creating the kind of conceptual cloud around the technology which is related to internet.

I guess this will comprise of the term WEB 2.0

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