August 30, 2009

Apple - Playing Rhaspody??

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So I will be continuing the story which is focused only on the cat and mouse game played by Apple on Real Network's brainchild - Rhapsody.

Rhapsody is an online subscription based application which allows user to get unlimited access to 8 million songs. All this things look good for the end user. But not for apple. Rhapsody is direct competitor of apple in terms of music sharing concept. Also, at one time, it was suppose to be a threat for iTunes.


Now the question is:
Will Apple play dirty game to reject Rhapsody? The same way it did to Google Voice App and many other apps (It is supposed to be a never ending list.)

Or will apple go out of tune to get things done as per the customer's view and will allow the application to be rolled out without creating scene?Hmm.. Now that things not me but Mr. Steve Jobs has to decide.Will Apple approve an iPhone app that rivals iTunes??Its a million dollar question.

Lets see.

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  1. What about the problem of Spotify? Why it got approved?