August 30, 2009

Apple Updates Aug 30 2009


At Last…

Apple is selling OSX -> Snow Leopard Well, it's not September, but we're not going to hold an early launch of its performance-focused Snow Leopard OS against Apple. The Apple store has come back online bearing an order page for OS X version 10.6 in Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro... oh wait, it's just $29 as an upgrade from 10.5. August 28th, that's when, now go 'n get it.

I am not describing you any of its benefits which are far better than its predecessors. But you can have a look at the apple's official website.But the thing which is hitting to my mind is that they didn’t even wait for the apple conference which is supposed to be held next week. So what could be the possible reason?Actually there is lot of reasons like:

Steve Jobs currently focusing only on iTablet (Rumored iTablet which is supposed to come shortly.)

Apple wants to increase their revenue. They are already way ahead in terms of growth rate compared to industrial unit but still, they are expecting around $66 Million for the next quarter by selling new Operating system MAC OSX

Also they are expecting to sell around 5 million copies of snow leopard this quarter.

Ahead of Microsoft -> Rumors says that Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 is partially welcomed by the manufacturers and the beta testers. So it might be a kind of warning to apple's management. So to get ahead of this thing, they have released the OS early compared to the expected date.

All this things apart, being an apple fan, I have lots and lots of things to share apart from the usual product launchApple's Current Controversy:As far as the last week's news is concerned, let me give you the update.AT&T has denied any kind of involvement in the denial of Google talk's application rejection by Apple.So what is all this things to do about?? I was wondering why apple is doing all this. People say that the answer is very simple and clear. Apple wants to avoid competition.

But this is not true.Apple has evolved out from the highly competitive market and has adapted to new changes only by the support of the word "INNOVATION".Anyway, I got the hot news just now. Apple is brewing up another controversy by trying to reject the competitor's application Rhapsody (Real Networks product).

You can check it out from my next blog: Exclusively coverage of this issue.

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