August 14, 2009

Telecom Market Overview - Part 1

Telecom market is growing inspite of the recession. You can check out these details from my previous blog "Mobile Market In INDIA"

Lot of companies are entering in the market to find out some business. India is such a country where there are lot of opportunities. Its the country with huge population and diversity and is often termed as a "Developing Country".

Before going in the business, let me give you few overview about Indian telecom market. Indian government has proposed a rule that any foreign company cannot start as a Telecom Service Provider (TSP). They need to start as a joint venture with some Indian company. Now this sounds bad!! But this is business and trade agreement. No need to be more political.

So many companies came to India and invested in the existing Indian mobile market. I will list out few companies.

Also there are two technologies which are dominant in india


2. GSM

Mobile market is changing in the recent scenario.

To Know How you need to read my next blogs...

Few things which I will discuss next time.

  • What is the future of the mobile market
  • What are the benefits of the TSP by reducing the mobile calls
  • What complications will be arising by reducing the pulse rate
  • TATA DOCOMO deal.
  • New Zealand mobile phone rates.
  • Cheapest mobile rates of Finland, Amsterdam and Norway.
And much more.

So keep reading.. And do give your comments.


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