October 23, 2009

Back - After a LONG vacation!!

Hi Friends,

I went on a long vacation. Rather I should say that I went in an artificial hibernation. But all this things are the matter of the past. Now I am back and rejuvenated. I will be updating my blog regularly.

I have lot of updates to share with you. Lot of things happened. Lot of you might have read about that in one or the other tech news but I will give insight on few of the news which caught my attention.

Also there will be change in the way I am updating my blog. I will be focussed on few of the topics and will give you insight from my side.

If you want any things to be improved on my blog, you are free to tell me or mail me or comment on the blog. Your suggestions will be surely given a valid thought process.

Keep updated in the tech world. Will give you new updates in the coming days...

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