October 23, 2009

Nokia Sues Apple - Planned Move???


Yesterday - Oct 22 2009, Nokia came into limelight by sueing Apple for patent infringement for almost 10 technologies which Nokia claims to have invested 40 million Euro and have taken 20 years to develop it.

Weak Quarter Results Behind this??? Cream Pie for Apple by posting Profit-->
Nokia had a bad weekend by posting a weak results. This was a shock for the Wall Street Analyst and even to the Nokia company. This problem created lot of steer around the way, nokia worked. Nokia has posted a loss which they claim to have come due to weak sales of smartphone and less consumer demand. They had project the profit by wrong calculation.

At the same time, apple posted a strong profit due to increase in sales of iPhone and Mac. Also the iPod Touch had shown increased sales. Now all this created stir around the Nokia. They wanted to get something out of their bitter competitor in smartphone market segment.

Why Nokia waited so long??

Apple launched iPhone in 2007. Nokia knew every move of apple. They were in close watch of Apple's market movement. So one of the most important question which can come to anybody's mind is that "Why Nokia has waited so long for this lawsuit?"

The simple answer to this question is that nokia had two things in mind.
  • First was that they were not sure about the apple iPhone's success. Nokia has faced lot of threats from many companies in the past. They thought that the product will not click in the smartphone market.
  • Second thought which come to my mind is that they were waiting for the strong proof and solid ground work to file against Apple.

This may be a small issue now but I am sure that Nokia has done enough ground work before filing against giant company like Apple. They know all the pro and cons of this whole fiasco.

Who will be winner??

As far as the history says, Apple knows the technology and has enough substance to prove their INNOVATIVE technology but at the same time, we cant even ignore the Black horse NOKIA which is trying harder to make their presence felt in this market.

Lets see what will be there in the future for this two giant companies.

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