November 26, 2009

Chrom'OS'omes - Total Insight

There is a lot of buzz now a days especially last week when Google launched its so much awaited operating system "Google Chrome OS".

I read a lot of stuff about it and found out lot of information. I will not share the features of OS but I will tell you the real expert reviews and my analysis based on it.

First of all I would like to ask you one question.

Are you ready for Cloud Computing?

This is a very simple question to a segment of people who are technology freak and knows much about in and out of techno scenario. They will answer that they will see to it. But if you ask the general public which consists of lot of group of people who use computer for fun will readily agree to it. Some people who quantify the data as privacy thing will surely disagree to the whole concept of google OS.

How I will justify success?

If you ask me to justify success of the OS I will give you the simple example of Gen Y segment market.

Take this group and if we focus on their internet habits, we will find out following things.
  • People want a cheap computer for their "Internet Usage".
  • They want a super fast computer system. (Chrome OS get booted up in 7 Seconds).
  • They want to share docs online, listen music online, watch movies online, play games online.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are their integral parts and their daily routine.
  • They want to call friends with the help of Cheap VoIP calling like Skype and Google Voice.
So if you consider just 5 points which I mentioned and then compare the features of Google Chrome OS why would I not go for a cheap rugged and user friendly Google Chrome OS rather than bulky and sluggish Windows or Mac.

Google - Focusing in the Future:

If you see the future we can find out following things:

  • Super Fast Internet - Around 10 Mbps around the world.
  • With the advent of 3G and 4G in mobile, the speed of mobile broadband is also likely to increase.
  • Location should not be a constraint
  • Data availability - Anytime - Anywhere.

All this things boil down to only one thing. It is targeting the segment of market which is totally fresh and untapped.

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