December 23, 2009

Real Time Web?? Now its Real Time - Ads

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There is a lot of buzz around for lot of products and services which are creating a cloud of hype in the technology field. Search engines are trying hard to get the real time information on your webpage as soon as possible.

Google and Bing made the deal with real time information source Twitter and on the basis of it, Twitter posted a good amount of profit in 2009. Now this search engines are not satisfied. They want to make revenue also. But ads are the old things.

Now they are trying to get money for the "Real Time advertisements"

This is done by several algorithms and sources. They are taking the trending topics from the internet and showing it to the clients.

Basis of this, they will display advertisements.

Eg: Trending topics - Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Santa Claus, Christmas, etc.

Now the advertisements will be generated based on the trending topics like get the Santa gift for Christmas. Go for shopping at

One Riot has already started to implement this thing. You can check it out from the image below.

Also Google is trying to implement this idea in much better format. They are trying to implement better model of this advertisement by using local trends and location based service.

My ideas regarding implementation - If Google implements real time advertisements. 
  • Twitter real time results
  • Google Trends
  • Social Circle Results
  • Location Based Results
  • News Agency based results
  • Personalized web history results

Now if the user logs in google account, all the above things will be analyzed by google and will be used to create proper results which are oriented to user to get more clicks.

For more information regarding this topic, you are free to mail me.

Hardik Upadhyay

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