January 27, 2010

Hype and Aura before Apple Event Jan 2010


You wont believe how I feel writing just few hours before the launch of Apple Event 2010. The theme of this event is "Come See our creation".

But this creation is not just a simple creation. Apple "Might" be launching their much awaited and much hyped tablet at this event.

Apple are the masters of disguise and they have the most secret way of promoting their product. They have a very good history of launching products right from Mac, iPod, iTouch and to iPhone.

Now when Steve Jobs is back in the gang of Apple, this event wont be a simple event. It will revolutionize the market and it will create ripples in the market creating new trends.

Apple is already on the upper side by having almost 99.4% of market share in App market.

After the launch of Apple iTablet, this sector of apps will be highly competitive.

Currently the market is very cautious about the move of Apple in the Silicon Valley. Amazon has already started to take defensive steps against the launch of apple.

Also there are lot of sources which confirmed the launch of apple much awaited iTablet.

Few things which should be seen for in this event are:

  • New iPhone version which will have much more added functionality
  • LAUNCH of iTablet by apple. Let Steve Jobs rock the stage.
  • App store revamp by Apple
  • iTunes moved to cloud or its future roadmap.
But all this things might create a kind of illusion for the future trends. We have already seen the outcome of Nexus One by Google. But the same thing cannot be expected from Apple. They are the masters.

Lets hope what Apple has in its kitty for us. All this things will be disclosed to us in next few hours.

I will be updating all the things in my blog. Also you can follow me on twitter @hardikupadhyay for real time updates.

Hardik Upadhyay

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