January 28, 2010

iPad Revolutionary Device of 2010


iPad is launched by Steve Jobs. As soon as the iPad launched, Apple shares had a spike in their price. Its all due to the amazing device named iPad.

It will surely change life of lot of people working in the Tech industry. Not because this device will help them to make their lives easier but it will make their life tougher. Confused? These people are the employees of Microsoft, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They are the people who will be sitting now in their board rooms discussing about the new pricing strategy to tackle this Apple iPad storm.

Before going into more details let me give you few specs for iPad:

  • 9.7" Multitouch device.
  • Wifi , 3G, Bluetooth, acclerometer, Compass.
  • Fully functional with iTunes and new ebook application iBook.
  • iWork with new user interface. So user can make presentations and can connect to the projector directly
  • 1Ghz Apple A4 processor with 16 Gb flash memory.
  • And the best part - Comes for only $499. With 3G it will come for $630.
Now you may be wondering that this is not a revolutionary device after all. Everyone expected such kind of device a year ago and nothing new is there in this device as well.

Why Should I go for it?

Let me show you the sales of kindle during holiday season. It has sold around 500000 kindle in 2009.

Now this data shows that the sales of kindle is increasing around 30% every month. So there is a need of a good ebook reader in the market.

Barnes and Noble came out with Nook but unfortunately it went out of supply in the peak holiday season and missed the opportunity to make some good profit.

Problems with these Ebook Readers:

  • Kindle Dx is 9.7" and Kindle is 6.5". The price of 9.7" Black and White kindle with no internet access, no touch support, no songs to play, no game to play, no apps available, no contacts, no presentations to create and project it comes very cheap at $484.
Now if you  think that this device is cool enough to purchase, then..... Then I guess you are a real fool.

Apple is giving much advanced device at the same price. Now if you want 3G, you need to pay only $130 extra which I guess is affordable.

Apple has analyzed the market and have launched the product. It is all in one device. A mini computer which looks trendy and satisfies almost all my basic needs.

iPad is a device which satisfies all the things which come to my mind like:
  • Internet on WiFi - WiFi hot spots are the key factor
  • Internet on 3G - Internet on the move
  • Email checking at ease
  • Video watching. Movies and You tube on the same device
  • Gaming on iPad. I love gaming and it gives me a new gaming device
  • iWork. Using which I can create presentations and can create excel on the go.
  • iBooks which keeps my ebooks properly and I can purchase it directly from the store. The store supports many publishers.
Now these are lot of benefits for a simple device.

Do have a thought on this and I am sure that Apple has an aggressive pricing strategy for this revolutionary device. Lets hope that they make much profit out of it.

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Hardik Upadhyay

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