February 20, 2010

Cisco's New Venture Opportunities

Cisco has been taking some serious decisions now a days. They are into lot of new fields and are aggressive on taking decisions to venture in the untapped 2G/3G/4G markets of telecommunication.

Recently Cisco are in the buying spree. They bought Tandberg and Starent. After all this fiasco, last week they started to enter mobile communication market by launching ASR 5000 a product with combined expertise of Starent and Cisco.

Now they are into all these, we have to think about their future market.

The answer is very clear, cisco is far ahead of avaya and Qualcomm. These companies are trying hard to compete with Cisco but they are not getting success. They are beating the bush and getting nothing in return. Cisco already holds the good position in the communication market with its wide range of products.

Today, I am going to discuss about the possibility of Cisco's venture in making the education system more proficient, transparent and efficient.

Cisco's Education System:

Key Players:
Cisco's Telepresence
Avaya's VoiP service
Prometric / Pearson CBT

Now on hearing this, we can conclude to few things and can start imagine how the situation of education industry will be once these companies start their combined enterprise application for the education field.

Current scenario:

People register online Computer Based Test (CBT) and gives exam. Now there is lot of market for making exams online and computer based. The opportunities are vast and its easier for the students to get through the exam.

But what if there is more added flavor to this exam. What if Cisco and Avaya pitches into this solution.


Imagine you are going for an interview. You can apply and confirm your job from any location. You can give online test for interview and can also attend the interview by the help of cisco's telepresence.


Yes, it will make sure that world is moving towards globalization. Here we are seeing the wider aspect of the market. The companies and their HR policies are putting their lot of effort in improving a sustainable future model for hiring new employees. So if this system works well, they will be more than happy to get the product.

IT companies like TCS and Infosys will be grateful to implement this solution when they are planning to hire around 50,000 people in one year.

This is a Win-Win situation for all the stakeholders in the current scenario.

Hopefully this will turn out to be fruitful and will get implemented very soon.

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