June 15, 2011

Google - Back in Action to Save Internet

Google was born with internet, thrived with internet and has grown to this mammoth size with the help of internet.

Internet has become bread and butter for Google to gain more revenue. In an interview by Eric Schmidt on Emerging technologies at Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, he focused more on the rise of few things which might shape the future.

He started with the Moore's Law description and said that this law was useful to design the future and will help us to find the right path.
As a member of board of directors in Apple and CEO of Google, he had enough experience to make some right moves.

But this all boils down to one thing. What will Google do next?

Now obviously, we dont have much answers for the question. But what I do have is a rough idea about the direction of Google.

As I said, Google wants to focus on Internet as it is getting around 60% of its revenue from online search ads. Now this brings to only way, that more browsing people do, more money google gets from ads.

More faster the internet more work can be done in less time. More and more ads will be clicked and navigated. This will help google in a big way to ask some hefty money from its advertisers.

So Google launched a campaign to host its own DNS Servers which will help user to navigate the internet world. This obviously will be much faster than the existing DNS servers.

But the thing is most of the people believe that Google will try to cut out the possibilities of open navigation and will try to play some dirty game.

Anyway, I am leaving politics aside. Next thing they did is to lie down fiber optics at user's doorstep which provided them around 1Gbps connection.

After all this they are planning to start up a new thing in internet which will be like a layer on their existing DNS protocols.

They launched SPDY, a transmission protocol which will help the web page to load faster and reduce the amount of data transfered.

To believe and use this protocol, one should trust Google DNS engines which will route your request to the desired domain without any hiccups.

But if this SPDY protocol is implemented, it will do wonders to google as well as the customer

Hardik Upadhyay

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