June 14, 2011

Microsoft - Voice Based Communication Approach

I am not the big fan of Microsoft but there are things about Microsoft which brings lot of things from the business perspective and has ability to cash the series of product line launched by them.

They have set of products like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Operating System which is dominating till date despite of the futile attempts from Google to take over the office market from Microsoft.

The perspective of Microsoft is on the next generation users.
This includes
  • Youth from age 15 to 25 – Teenagers and adolescents who are tech savvy and want everything available at ease
  • Working class people – 25 to 35 years of age – this group has tendency to  follow the trend set by the youth and then adjusting it according to their needs. This mostly caters to the dependency of them on gadgets and technology
Now Microsoft has identified this thing and are coming up with the series of product using which they can survive for the next decade.

They have ruled the market from a longer time and they are identifying threat from Google and Apple. 

The only way to defend them is to come up with something out of the box.

So they have started propagating through their best selling product for youth XBOX. This magic box has created wonders for Microsoft and thy are trying to use it further and make it smarter in a way where a user can control things based on the Xbox Kinect.

Microsoft is going to use the voice based commands which will be fed to the Kinect and which will eventually flow to the Xbox system.

Microsoft can do wonders based on this if they put it and propagate it in the best way. Example they can make the system a hub for unified communication and can control lot of things based on this. 

They can also incorporate this technology on their upcoming windows 7 smart phone which will act as one more medium to connect from human to the device.

All this boils down to the way Microsoft use this technology in their existing product line.
Let us see what Microsoft has in mind to rule the market for the next decade.

Hardik Upadhyay

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