January 26, 2011

Future of Wireline/Baseline Business

Ethernet is gaining lot of traction for simplifying the usage of the customers due to which they are able to take the profit for sustaining longer time. The dependencies are creating lot of opportunities for the customers to get faster data at cheaper rate. But there is a bigger problem lying for the Fixed line operators like Qwest which is facing problem with the declining revenues and loss of customers.

Opportunities for Wireline Service Providers
Also, at the same time some future gurus are suggesting to go for LTE instead of the baseline internet. The amount of profit obtained from the same product will be far more useful for the Unified Access Operators and Fixed line Operators.

The other opportunity for the wireline providers is to go for IP based dialing on the same network. This helps them to go for more varied call scenario which will also help them to design the future. IP based calling is supposed to be the future for most of the companies. So the fixed line companies can switch over to this option to retain more enterprise customers and also to get more revenues from the existing customers.

Challenge for IPV6 Network
Challenge in second option adoption is to go through the pain of designating IP on IPV6 network which is still under experimentation. People are still adopting such technology for the usage. IPV6 is still under experimentation stage

Roadmap for Baseline Service Providers
They are creating lot of opportunities for the future world to choose their technology at a cheaper rate and at more ease. But this will take time. The window for getting this thing revamped is around one year as per Gartner and to make sure that LTE and IPV6 setup is done by the companies will take a year more. So eventually if the companies decides to take some drastic steps in changing their business models, then they will be able to do so only by 2013.

This leads to the selection of the product based on proper analysis by the technical team of the enterprise. Proper analysis is also required in doing such changes. Lets hope what all things are there in the bouquet of these companies in the future to sustain this aggressive telecom enterprise model change.

Hardik Upadhyay

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