February 5, 2011

Interesting thing about Android and Trend Micro

Interesting thing about Android and Trend Micro – Smart Bonding of OS and Antivirus

Couple of weeks back, trend micro spread a warning to all the android users that the android OS is not secure to save your data and to protect it from the hackers. Interestingly, just after a week trend micro released antivirus for android OS.

Now some might think that it’s a marketing gimmick to sell more antivirus and to generate a more powerful channel to sell antivirus on an exponentially increasing mobile OS platform.

But this makes me think that whether the CEO has given warning seriously or not. Currently as per the article from PC world, Android Gingerbread (latest version) found a critical bug in the OS. The current OS has the capability to get the data from your micro SD card and can be exploited by some of the apps.

Now this is a matter of serious concern. Like this, there might be many other critical bugs which might come into limelight after proper review of the applications and the developers. But it might be too late by then.

Also the reasons for Android to be so much vulnerable to such critical bugs, is its Open OS architecture. Android was developed on open OS and this made its kernel level files open to hackers. Now it’s dangerous in certain scenarios. Apple has not revealed its kernel and shell files to the developers which have made it safe and more secure than Android OS.

Hopefully android will find some way around this problem in short time or else they will be regretting about this problem in the future.

Strategy of Android:
  • Android is currently trying hard to capture market share in mobile OS and releasing subsequent version in the market which are more and more stable and with added features.
  • Android is roping in more app developers currently to become more serious about its underlying security and to improve its app store.
  • Various tournaments(hacking and app creation) are organized to make sure that people are actively involved in android
  • Latest antivirus are getting added to the league of antivirus which are supporting the OS. 

Hardik Upadhyay

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