January 25, 2011

Gartner Reviews on Enterprise IT budget

Gartner is true on various aspect (Although I am trying to be a Devil's Advocate) in recent times. Gartner is trying to show its expertise in the field of IT research.

In the recent survey of Gartner, it suggests that the use of technology is good for the business but the information management committee is spending more time in deciding which technology to use rather than trying to analyze its impact of business benefits.

IT management of the company is trying hard to adapt to the new futuristic technologies which are wooing them by their expert advice and cheesy consultants. Also the pricing is also competitive in the market.

But there is a bell of warning by Gartner in this kind of approach.

Ex. - IT management is trying to implement cloud computing, Database Management (Using SAP) or implementing Enterprise mobility tools (Afaria product of Sybase iAnywhere)

But these managers fail to understand and trace out long term or even short term benefit of implementation of these technologies. They are not able to quantify the benefits and just follow the tide.

Also, there is high amount of risk involved in this kind of approach. As the investment in these things is very huge and the IT service companies are increasing their margin, the SMB struggle to get profits and block their large amount of money.

I rather agree with Gartner to advice big companies to be cautious and measure their approach for IT management.

Please do not go for Technology but go for the business values and returns first.

Hardik Upadhyay

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